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Derrick Tu Tan Pho


An esteemed Master Chocolatier who began his apprenticeship in Montreal, Canada. His passion and dedication led him to earn a diploma in Bakery & Pastry from the Institut de Tourisme et d’Hôtellerie du Québec (Montréal Culinary School) with a focus in chocolate, confectionery and ice cream. 
In 1989, Pho was the first to be awarded Apprentice Chocolatier of the Year and continued to excel in his field where in 1994 he was recognized as one of the Ten Best Pastry Chefs in Montreal. Further on in his career, he was a member of the gold-winning Team Quebec for the Frankfurt Culinary Olympics held in Germany. Team Quebec brought home gold for the categories of sugar, chocolate, wedding cakes and dessert presentation.  Pho also attended the prestigious École Lenôtre, in Plaisir, France. 

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Our Philosophy
At DS Sweet Confection, we believe in quality. That's why we source and select only the finest ingredients for our chocolates and confections. We use 100% Belgian chocolate, fresh ingredients, and no preservatives.

Using the world renown Belgian chocolate, we re-balance its decadent taste with a marriage of taste and mouthfeel.

We blend tradition and innovation, marrying traditional techniques with new wave designs and flavours.

Chocolate At Leisure

by Chef Derrick Tu Tan Pho

Ever wondered what goes into the finest desserts? Chocolate at Leisure is a collection of exquisite recipes developed by Chef Pho himself! Not only will you be able to make these exquisite yet simple recipes in your own kitchen, but through his teachings, you will learn about methods of tempering chocolate, and methods for distinguishing good from amazing chocolate! Elevate your food knowledge and wow your family and friends with this superb collection of recipes.

Published: February 2011
ISBN: 9781456741181

Chocolate At Leisure is available at Barns & Noble, Amazon, Indigo, your local booksellers or on-line retailers.

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